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Plant breeding innovation is essential for sustainable agriculture. It is a natural step to help us ensure food quality, reduce crop loss and food waste, and address tomorrow’s agri-food challenges.
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Plant breeding in a nutshell

Plant breeding is the art and science of adapting plant characteristics to agricultural needs in order to produce more healthy, tasty and nutritious food.

Plant breeders contribute to the continued supply of a wide range of improved plant varieties and to securing our food supply. They help farmers achieve higher yields and obtain crops of superior nutritional value that can be grown more resource-efficiently.

Over time, our understanding of plants and natural science has evolved enormously. Today, smart molecular and agricultural methods help breeders to ensure food quality, to reduce crop losses in the field and food waste, and to address tomorrow’s food challenges.


Meeting consumer expectations
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Securing Europe’s food supply
Natural solutions to meet food demands
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Resource efficient farming
Safeguarding yields reduces loss in the field
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Supply chain
Supporting competitiveness and sustainability with high quality crops, fruits and vegetables
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Biodiversity and climate change
Biodiversity, resource efficiency, sustainable and productive agriculture
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